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What’s the best food to substitute for a fast food craving?

For example: what healthy food should you order or fix up when your craving a salty batch of french fries or a hamburger that’s almost as satisfying?

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10 Responses to “What’s the best food to substitute for a fast food craving?”

  1. toosweetforu said :


  2. bobby d said :

    fruit or a celery stick

  3. Henry_Tee said :

    chinese food

  4. Chuck said :

    I like raw almonds, they taste great and are lower in sat fat than most nuts.

  5. THE QUEEN B said :

    If you eat healthy 95% of the time, it’s okay to splurge once in awhile on a batch of fries or a burger. Preferrably one or the other, because the combination is outrageous in calories and fat intake…

    Most any dietician will tell you not to “prohibit” yourself from junk foods entirely. If you do, then you’ll end up binge eating and reverse the effects of your healthy habits.

    But, if you’re looking for healthy alternatives and you can curb the fast food fix, consider these tips.

    1. Skip the extras on your burger. Don’t go for the sauces, cheese or bacon. Instead choose lettuce, tomato and onion.

    2. Don’t order foods with the words “double,” “ultimate,” “big” or “monster.” Fast food restaurants have new products using these terms. Skip them or you’ll be munching a monstrous dose of calories and fat.

    3. Make fries at home. Oven bake them (try Texas Crispers by Ore Ida… mmmm).

  6. A. Rav said :


  7. Sarah said :

    Something healthy that also has protein in it (to sustain your blood sugar and keep you from craving). Examples: chicken salad, trail mix, celery with peanut butter, smoothie with protein powder in it, veggie omelette, etc.

  8. FreeCheese said :

    Morningstar farms veggie corndogs! Trust me, they sound gross but they’re as good as if not better than the real thing. If you crave taco bell, Mexican recipes can be made healthy easily by using a whole-wheat tortilla, whole black beans, grilled spicy chicken, and lots of veggies. As for the fries cravings, you really gotta try butternut squash fries, they’re super low-cal. Link:

    I love them. Another thing I like to do is steam up cauliflower, put lots of salt and sometimes pepper on them, let them cool down a bit and dip them in ketchup. They have that “starchy potatoe” flavor with very very minimal calories. And try out different boca burger brands with Wonder Light buns (they have 80 calories per bun). And then dress the burger up with all the vegetables and condiments (besides mayonnaise!) that you like.

  9. Historyman. said :

    Because you are craving for something hot I would suggest Cheese on Toast
    Toastie Pies
    Toasted Sandwiches

  10. specialone18 said :

    I keep either some watermelon, nuts, snap peas or snow peas. The snap and snow peas are nice and crunchy and that really kills all my adverse cravings. Lately I’ve also had a lime cut into wedges and I eat those. Nice and tasty, and the acid helps to burn fat.
    But if I really need some carbs I have a handful of some tiny pretzels and the salty crunchy pretzels satisfy me well.


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