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what’s the difference between melting butter and softened butter in a recipe?

I saw in a recipe book for mine specifically asking for softened butter, not melted. I was wondering what the difference is?

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5 Responses to “what’s the difference between melting butter and softened butter in a recipe?”

  1. lil sexay mama xoxo said :

    There is no difference ! they turn out the same and taste the same!!!!!!!!

  2. Braden said :

    softened butter is butter that is warmed to the point to where it is soft to the touch

    melted butter is butter that is melted completely in a liquid state

    i think that it changes the outcome of the recipe

  3. Jazmin said :

    I think that you use more butter when its melted and it just sits and stirs in smoothly unlike softened you have to keep stirring it to blend nicely

  4. Grandmabird said :

    melted is liquid and is easily absorbed into your other ingredients. Softened will mix with the other ingredients. Try melting a tablespoon and adding it to 2 tablespoons of flour, now in a separate bowl add the softened butter to the flour and look at the difference.

    got it now….

  5. Mona said :

    Melted is liquid and softened is room temp butter. If it asks for softened butter than just get a stick of butter and cut how ever much you need and leave it on the counter for about 30 minutes before starting your recipe and that’s softened butter.


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