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When and how did you you give up smoking….help?

no satisfactory answer till now,so asking this question again
Want to know if people can take that much long BREAK without cigarettes??

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6 Responses to “When and how did you you give up smoking….help?”

  1. the wind said:

    was not going to let r.j. reynolds rich !

  2. Rex said:

    I am still smoking, but when ever i quit i just stopped and ran and played ball a lot

    Please answer mine SOMEONE, PLEASE

  3. Duncs said:

    I gave up smoking one night almost 3 years ago, I found myself without any cigarettes so I started rolling one from the butts in the ash tray. I realized then that that was pretty disgusting so I decided to stop. The next morning I went to get some patches. Those patches give you some amazing dreams and take away most of the cravings. I haven’t looked back since.

  4. seelarke said:

    I finally was able to quit using the prescription drug, Chantix. It is a miracle. I didn’t do it like they said, that being to pick a quit ay like 10 days after you start taking it I just waited acouple months and found I hardly smoked and just quit. Never thought I could do it!!

  5. oikos said:

    I quit a couple of decades back after several unsuccessful tries. I switched to smokeless tobacco. After checking different brands, I found one (Danish Twists) that I liked much better than any other, even if I had to travel to get them. One day, the place I got them stopped carrying them. They would have special-ordered them for me but I decided that all the work wasn’t worth it and quit then and there.

  6. BRAXATOR said:

    The next day after first trying them/it I quit. I found cigarettes a disgusting flavor. It was more of “how do you know unless you try it[?]” thing for me. I have long held that cigarettes make everybody and everything they come in contact with stink and putrid and my “trial” proved it. I have gathered that most smokers do not enjoy it but only for the few chemicals that give a relaxation effect. But cigs are highly addictive and that is too bad. Let’s hope that they are outlawed some day.


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