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When was the last time you ate at a fast food restaurant?

Now a days gourmet food is haute compared to fast foods. And to the average foodie, most fast foods are unpalatable and very expensive. Alot of people stretch the dollars and cook homemade food. When was the last time you ate at a fast food restaurant? And which one?

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14 Responses to “When was the last time you ate at a fast food restaurant?”

  1. saumitra s said :


  2. lois d said :

    McDonald’s some time last year.

  3. sess42 said :

    Actually fast food is very cheap and if you cook at home for 2 or less it can be an average of $30. I don’t eat at Fast Food places for health reasons.
    Watch the movie Fast Food Nation.

  4. rastabudd said :

    I ate at Taco Bell last night. Fed the wife and kids for about 14 bucks.

  5. moonstone2009 said :

    we[me my mom and my boys] just ate at sonic last night and it just wasnt the same

  6. racerwesu said :

    an hour ago, Wendy’s

  7. Jack M said :

    Unfortunately, since my parents divorced it has been quite often. I do my exercises though like crunches and what not.

  8. ColleenLucky7 said :

    yesterday. not the same….. Mc Donalds….. today had an offer to be treated to Burger King…….. I turned it down… both have gone downhill……

  9. Messy Tess said :

    A month ago, After cooking all day(for work) then shopping to cook(for home), those old familiar Golden Arches called me……not quite the same magic as when i was young!

  10. ehlonader said :

    Well in Southern California, taco shops are considered fast food (so lucky since ceviche is on the menu and so healthy!). I had a fish burrito there. But, an actual fast food joint!? Carl’s Junior: hamburger with fries last month on a Friday night.

  11. expatturk said :

    Last week. I grabbed a donor kebap with lettuce and tomato from a small local stand. That’s fast food here in Turkey and is a lot faster than hamburger, taco, chicken fast-food places.

  12. ♥ ummTalal♥ said :

    I ate at Sonic yesterday in the mall. Why I have no idea bc I hate Sonic. I hate most fast food and usually do go to nice places or cook at home. We were just at the mall and hungry and the mall here has the most gross places to eat out of every mall I ever saw before so not a lot of choices.

    PS. I do love long john silvers though, lol!!!

  13. William S said :

    I ate at a taco shop in Tucson AZ. named “Los Betos” yesterday 01/03/08 @ 0730 Hrs. I had their 5 Rolled Tacos with Guacamole and Pico de Gallo. I also had a beer; It might seem early for some but I work Graves and it was MY dinner time. It was Great.

  14. MYRA C said :

    August 2007 while visiting Virginia.

    McDonalds for an egg mcmuffin.


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