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Where can I buy black cake icing or how do I make it?

I want to make a pink and black cake for my birthday. I can make the pink icing. How do I get black icing?

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9 Responses to “Where can I buy black cake icing or how do I make it?”

  1. Laura O said:

    You have to get a tube or container of black icing coloring or it can be bought already made in a tube. You can get it at any store that sells cake decorating supplies. Look in your local phone book.

  2. kammy_mom said:

    Make your icing as usual, and add 1/2 cup of cocoa powder. This makes the icing darker to turn it black. Then use black paste food coloring (found at any Michaels craft store or cake decorating supply store) and add using a toothpick until you reach the desired color, mixing well between each addition of color. The color will get darker as it sits, so it’s best to prepare it 2 days to a week in advance of needing it. Be sure to store it in the fridge.

  3. chelsea v said:

    there is a powdered food coloring you can buy from the cake supply store

  4. Lindata said:
  5. wanda said:

    you can purchase a tube of black icing, but that is mainly for writing. there isn’t a lot of frosting in it. i have made black frosting by purchasing black tint from a local craft store which has a cake decorating section. happy birthday!!!

  6. Just me said:

    you can buy the coloring in little plastic containers at walmart in the craft section or at a craft store, jus find the food/baking section

    I had trouble find black too

  7. mebepat said:


  8. Ayelet K said:
  9. ♥Blondee♥ said:

    Black icing is easy, make a vanilla icing or however you choose, as long as its white and add a few drops of all 4 colors that come in a food coloring package and then add a few darker drops and should get black.


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