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Where can I find some recipes that are healthy and use cheap ingredients?

I’m moving out on my own for the first time in about a month, and in order to save money, I want to cook at home all the time. But I’m not very familiar with recipes and ingredients and things, so I was hoping someone could refer me to a website or a book with some healthy recipes that use common and cheap ingredients. I’m trying to have a low grocery bill but also eat well. Anything would be appreciated! Thanks!

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5 Responses to “Where can I find some recipes that are healthy and use cheap ingredients?”

  1. Chenoa S said :

    Thats pretty easy. http://WWW.COOKS.COM. I live and swear by that site

  2. ckngbbbls said :

    Be prepared to make an investment of a few bucks to buy a good cook book. And read it cover to cover. There is lots of information in a good one. The Good and Easy Cookbook by Betty Crocker is a great beginner one. Any recipe can be a healthy one but learn how to cook first. Also, ask your mom to share recipes that you love that she makes.

  3. Liliaann said :
  4. sandiemaye said :

    I agree you need a good cookbook. You could always get some at the library, and once you find one(or more) that you like, you can look for them on

    Browse around the grocery store and write down items that are cheap, that you like. Rice, pasta, potatoes, squash, whole chicken (rather than boneless pieces) are cheap. Making things from scratch is far cheaper than buying ready-made. Homemade pizza is cheaper than delivery. Pancakes, muffins, cookies, etc are cheaper to make yourself than buying a mix–and they taste better, too.

    Good luck! You are very mature and smart!

  5. Roel E said :

    Check it out at the sources below and discover the secret recipes from your favorite restaurants and easily cook them yourself. The same tastes and flavors for a fraction of the cost.

    Have a great day!


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