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where can i learn to teach myself to play guitar?

i need to learn to play guitar online . lets say im starting fresh with no experience theres this song (canon rock by jerryC) that i want to play it would take years at the rate im going now to finally be able to play. if you can help plz do

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5 Responses to “where can i learn to teach myself to play guitar?”

  1. Pauli said :

    Find yourself a guitar teacher and ask him for some tips – ask him if he could help you learn this specific song only…

  2. Mary said :

    oy, thats a good one to start with (that was sarcasm btw)

    you can search there for the TABS (the easiest way to read the “notes”
    take it slow with this song, you will eventually get the pattern. plus, that song has sweeping techniques and “squealies” so you wont be completely satisfied with your first attempt at the finished product. it will take you a long time to conquer that part of the song.

    is a really great site where you can tune your guitar, learn chords, & learn basic scales (im not lying, scales are IMPORTANT)

    if i am judging you correctly, you want to play lead guitar (everyone does)
    but you have to start where everyone starts. learn greendays ‘Time of your life’ (everyones first song) and from there you will gain the confidence to learn other songs. you are taking a huge leap by starting with cannon rock.

    but good luck with it, and tune your guitar- often.

  3. ladydreamer254 said :

    For a song like that, it would take years to learn being a self-taught guitarist. If you go get lessons that’s not the ONLY song you’ll learn how to play, as that would be a waste of time. Besides, you have to start from the beginning to build up to that song, which a guitar teacher will do.

    Why do you NEED to learn to play guitar online? Is it a requirement that you only get to learn guitar from this source? But if “Canon Rock” is the ony song you want to learn, then go ahead and use the internet. No need for actual in-person lessons.

    Here’s a site for you:

  4. Brian said :

    You should seriously consider online guitar lessons. These will give you a method to build and learn new skills. This is really important if you want to progress well. (online guitar method taught by a professional guitarist) (reviews of the best online guitar lessons)

    Best of luck to you!

  5. Capt. Captain said :

    as is the answer to every important question, YOUTUBE!


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