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Which is the best way to give up smoking?

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5 Responses to “Which is the best way to give up smoking?”

  1. TechDubDoob said:

    Stop smoking and fight through withdrawal.

  2. when you hear the bassline said:

    chain smoke a pack of ciggarettes (or more) until you throw up. i’m not kidding it worked for me. i wasn’t a super heavy smoker and i was at a party and i ended up smoking like 10 ciggarettes while i was really drunk and i threw up and now smoking disgusts me and i can’t handle people smoking around me because it gives me a headache.

  3. Amanda said:

    smoking is just a oral fixation.. try just keeping a toothpick in your mouth or something? maybe chew gum

  4. Graceeh said:

    Set a date a month or so from now to stop smoking and mark the date on your calendar.
    Then talk to your pharmacist about the options he or she has to help you.
    Go home and research the different options he or she spoke about.
    There is also a prescription drug that can help too.
    Talk to people you know who have quit smoking and find out what worked for them.

    When the day comes, just do it. Make the commitment and do it. It’s hard but sooooo worth it!

    It’s not an oral fixation. It’s a drug addiction

  5. Pillsbury Dough Boy said:

    i think going cold turkey is the best way (the point in quitting smoking is to get ride of the nicotine out of your body so you don’t crave anymore) and if you use nicotine alternatives than it will take you much longer to get ride of the addiction, cutting cold turkey maybe the hardest way ( the withdrawals will be stronger and the craving will be harsh, but the healing time is shorter), taking nicotine alternatives maybe less painful (the withdrawals and cravings maybe easier, but you gotta put up with it much longer, im saying several months longer) now it’s your turn to decide?? anyways i wish you best of luck 😀


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