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Why and how does Indian food [those awesome spices] make one feel SO good after eating it?

It really makes one feel as if your high.
Not exactly high but the after effects of herbs and spice combinations personally give me an elated balanced feeling after eating the dishes.
I cannot explain it.
But there must be something medicinal that effects moods on some level.
I’ve eaten every nationality of food so far [almost most],but no other makes me feel like this, except Indian food.

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8 Responses to “Why and how does Indian food [those awesome spices] make one feel SO good after eating it?”

  1. Desert Rose said :

    all this herd and spice will will released chemical that would send signal to your brain and thus result in the feeling you’ve got..everyone reacts differently to certain degree…

    for you may be you’re sensitive to the mix of spices that Indian food has…

  2. sophia said :

    i’ve heard that some of the spices used in Indian cooking contain herbal properties, which are also used in Aurovedic medicine.

  3. vijayappa said :

    Yes dude, you are right.
    The spices which are being used in Indian food does have a medicinal effect. I am a professional Indian chef. so, I think i knew few things for fact.
    For Ex : Turmeric is an Antiseptic, fennel seeds & carom seeds (ajwain) helps in digestion.
    There are many other ingredients which acts as an aphrodisiac. Asafoetida (hing) & garlic helps to sort out gas troubles . Ginger got a distinct flavour & helps in soothing throat. Pepper another ingredient with a medicinal value. There r few varieties of spinach/ leafy vegetables which helps to soothe stomach ulcer,etc…

  4. JuJu said :

    A lot of it is used in herbal remedies, so it’s not surprising it makes you feel good!

  5. cl4nd3st1n3 said :

    Herbs and spices are very nourishing… the spices used in Indian cooking are like antibiotics for me

  6. Poornima H said :

    because we indians always make food with love and we think food as god annapurna. All with love and spices in proportional quantity it feels you good after eating it.

  7. Jeepers Creepers said :

    They say turmeric can help with epilepsy, so god knows what else these spices can do 🙂

    I have that same feeling. Contentment. I always thought it was because when I eat Indian I eat so much, that I’m stuffed. But you have me thinking.

  8. Jack Welsch said :

    Basically speaking, survey shows that the utilisation of taste buds is done maximum by eating Indian food which has a lot of spices.

    So your palate is satisfied. This now has a direct relation to your brain. You feel good when your palate is much more satisfied than any other food.

    I usually do make Indian food and make a point to order from

    A very good indian store.


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