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Why do people around here keep advising me to give up smoking and eat healthier?

They already know I don’t care about their pieces of advice.
I never ask them.

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6 Responses to “Why do people around here keep advising me to give up smoking and eat healthier?”

  1. luvin_me_4_me said:

    dont ask then…
    smoke and eat junk

  2. Liam B said:

    Because people care & tbh mate i think we all know u should give up the smokes & put down the kebab!

  3. O'GasmicWitch said:

    Those are some very mean people you hang with. My friends love when I drink, smoke and live on the edge. (As long as the edge isn’t high up..they know I’m afraid of heights)

  4. Rachel said:

    So they still care about you smoking is unhealthy and un go to stop man!

  5. mixedtrail (yahoo loves me) said:

    Who knows?? I don’t smoke, but slide that bottle this way…

  6. Joey L said:

    Go eat some french fries.
    Do you have any french fries left? The ones from McDonalds?

    Will you be a dear and go back into the kitchen and pop them in the microwave for me? And don’t forget I drink Regular not Diet soda.

    And if you don’t care why are you asking here?

    Why don’t you come over here and try smoking inside a bar and see what happens, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    America is the best country in the whole world.


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