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Why do women give up smoking/drinking during pregnancy? Isnt it “Your body, Your choice”?

Why do women bother giving up drinking and smoking during pregnancy?

Feminists keep telling us it’s: “Your body, Your choice”…so why give up life’s little pleasure’s?

It’s YOUR body…so if you want to have a fifth of scotch every night while pregnant…why don’t you?

Is it because you know deep-down it ISN’T “just a fetus”?
Yargh200: I am being facetious!

Of course I know about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and how BAD smoking/drinking is for the baby…I am just using feminist’s twisted logic.

If it really is “Your body, your choice” as they say…then why NOT smoke and drink still during pregnancy?

The truth is, they KNOW it’s a baby and don’t want to harm it…it’s not “just a fetus” as the feminists keep drumming into us…
What I am saying is: at what point exactly does it turn from a “fetus” to a baby?

Feminists keep telling us: “Have an abortion, girls! It’s only a fetus”…so, if it’s only a fetus, you SHOULD be able to keep drinking/smoking…but 99% of women stop drinking/smoking once they find out they are pregnant…

Why do they do this if “it’s only a fetus”? If it’s “only a fetus”, then women should be smoking/drinking to their heart’s content!

The truth is, women KNOW it’s not “just a fetus”…it’s a baby from the get-go!

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16 Responses to “Why do women give up smoking/drinking during pregnancy? Isnt it “Your body, Your choice”?”

  1. Shuffle said:


  2. Ryan said:

    because they care about the unborn and if they smoke and drink they could kill the baby or make it have some serious birth defects that could kill it or mess up its life because of their ignorance thats why

  3. NoBeef-IEatThatSteak said:

    lol good point. i mean when they say its okay to abort a baby because it is only a fetus. that is stup*d. its a baby.

  4. yargh2002 said:

    fetal alcohol syndrome

    do some research, having lived in communities with severe alcohol problems, and seeing the results i can’t believe that people think it is ok to drink while pregnant.
    a child with fas has a miserable life to look forward to there is no cure.

  5. Sox- Does not report or block! said:

    My sister smoked and drank while she was pregnant and my mother told me a week ago that she did the same while she was pregnant with me.

    I’m not saying it’s okay, I was pretty pissed when I found out to be honest, and I wouldn’t do it myself.

    I guess I’m against it for the same reason I am against late term abortions… at some point I do believe it changes from ‘just a fetus’ to a baby.

    I’m sorry if that’s a cop out.

    Maybe I’m being a hypocrite because I don’t think anyone should do that but I am pro choice… and I’m going to remain a hypocrite about that.

    Really good point though.

  6. Lorelei said:

    This question really does bring up some interesting points. It is sort of like when people refer to the “fetus” as a baby when they want the child, but it is simply a lump of cells or tissue when they don’t want it.
    I’m agreeing with you though. Everything that you do to “your” body while you are pregnant has an impact on the baby because it is a living human being, abortions included.

  7. Alex Muntaz said:

    Look, if you’re going to KEEP the kid then it’s going to develop into a baby from a fetus.
    And, what you’ll get, is a kid with deformities and a whole new difficulty in living its own life. It could be mentally damaged, perhaps even have heart or lung issues for the rest of its life, and other things.

    Feminists use the unborn fetus as a non-baby, in order to press the need for abortion to stay legal and in the medical hospitals.

    Believe me, as a kid, we were even shown a severely out-dated video about our uteri, and they did say that even an UNFERTILIZED EGG CELL is THE BABY. And how it needs the boy-sperm to go down to the uterus wall lining or else it DIES.

    And that’s how we bleed every month, because we’re told that that’s the blood of our babies that we keep killing; rather than the FRICKIN’ uterus lining in reality.

    Right, I seriously believe that early on, you have to decide if you really wanna keep it. If you do, the moral and legal time limit is only a few weeks to abort it. Otherwise, you’re stuck with it; and you will have to think for it, because it DIDN’T ask to be physically F%cked up thanks to your retarded behaviour.

    Seriously, if you only want the welfare or alimony check, at least let the kid be able to grow up normally and feel independent and able to even have friends or family. Don’t f%ck it up.

    Yeah, I live in a town with serious booze culture, and I have stumbled on a lot of young teenagers with the FAS face and temperament. It’s sh!t how people are closing their ears and eyes about things like that, only because the medical department didn’t exactly say *what* amount of alcohol is hazardous because they’re not sure (when actually, they said 1 unit, which is half a wine glass) so of course, it gives the excuse to guzzle Jaeger bombs every week.

  8. Amanita Pantherina said:

    Because when pregnant your body isn’t only your body, but you share it with another human being. And those who want to keep the baby will of course try their best to avoid anything harmful that may affect the health of the baby. And they will start doing so on the very first day, even though in most countries they would have the right to do whatever they please, also abort the fetus up until the third month.

  9. True Brit said:

    It is their body and their choice. Their choice to continue with the pregnancy and to do what they can to ensure the best for their child.
    I don’t understand your logic. If a woman chooses not to continue with a pregnancy, she can terminate it. If she chooses to continue with the pregnancy it makes sense to do whatever she can to give birth to a healthy baby.

  10. daboys12_15 said:

    Excellent question seeing how “the fetus is just a bunch of cells.”

  11. sunshinedays said:

    Well the argument against your standpoint would be that if they were planning on keeping it, they would want it healthy and to not have to deal with a child with health issues they could’ve prevented.

    But it is actually a semi-valid point.

    I agree with some feminist sentiments; abortion isn’t one of them.

  12. CT said:

    your question misses the point. the choice that pregnant women have to make is whether or not they wish to share their body with a fetus–which will eventually emerge as a baby–or if they want to terminate the pregnancy. feminists & pro-choice individuals aren’t arguing about giving women the right to choose to drink and smoke while pregnant!

  13. sam said:

    Er … I suppose because they choose to.

    And some choose not to. As you say, their body their choice.

  14. Genzai said:

    Because the word hypocrisy exists in every person.

    When a woman doesn’t want the child,it’s called a fetus and it’s supposed to be just a parasite,not a humans life.

    When she decides to keep it,it’s HER baby,because she acknowledges it and it belongs to her.

  15. Scary Girl said:

    Because it is their choice?

  16. butterfly g said:

    Yep F. you are obviously on a rant aren’t you. Yeah its your body your choice but if you want a healthy baby i suggest you stop. If you are going to bring a child into the world then you need to be at least selfless enough to stop smoking and drinking. Because part of being a parent is making sacrifices. On the subject of how this relates to abortion it doesn’t. you can’t make that comparison between a woman who has chosen to keep drinking and the woman who has an abortion. They are too entirely different subjects.


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