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Why does food at a restaurant always taste better than home cooking?

I cook quite a bit at home but I must admit the food at most restaurants taste much better than my own cooking. So why do you think restaurant food taste so much better?

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21 Responses to “Why does food at a restaurant always taste better than home cooking?”

  1. Dash said :

    probably the quality of ingredients and the skill needed to work professionally.

  2. creative rae said :

    It doesn’t have to–but restaurants out tons of butter and oil in things that we usually wouldn’t at home

  3. w.b. said :

    I cant help you there, it must be your cooking.. Its the opposite for me.. My cooking is way better then resturants!!

  4. AGENT 47 said :

    quality control

  5. Lee J said :

    Liberal use of MSG (monosodium Glutamate), salt, and oil.

  6. maimarleybug said :

    I think because I don’t have to make it for my self. I love having somone else cook for me.

  7. scrappykins said :

    umm, well the food at home is always better, maybe you need to brush up your cooking skills

  8. bekkie said :

    Restaurant food, especially fast food, usually doesn’t taste better than home-cooked food.

  9. dolt_1 said :

    Because you are a lousy cook probably using stale dated spices and herbs. You have to use fresh ingredients and experiment. Don’t be afraid to add herbs and spices and not one little shake, throe in a handful and use sea salt. It is important to have the ingredients at room temperature to cook and you have to let it sit for a bit before you serve it. if you think the meal you have prepared is only so-so open another bottle of wine. Hang in there good luck.

  10. delusionale said :

    Because you need to learn to cook. My cooking taste better than food at the restaurant. At least I know what went in my body.

  11. Vixxie said :

    I doubt that they cook better than you do… a lot of times food just tastes better because someone else made it for us and we didn’t have to prepare it.

  12. Snowey said :

    Fat is the answer.Restaurants always use too much fat and it is this fat that enhances the taste of the food.Then there is the psychological effect restaurant food has on your body.It is different from your own cooking and your body looks forward to tasting something else.Your taste buds are therefor more acute.Another thing that might have an influence is MSG(mono-sodium glutamate).Perhaps restaurants use it as a food enhancer(It is possible but I have not seen this yet.Most foodstuff already has some MSG added)

  13. clglipz_15 said :

    the variety of ingrediants, skill, time, patince, knoledge of food???

  14. fatsausage said :

    I find exactly the opposite. For example, whenever I have been invited out to a Restaurant for a Turkey Meal – the turkey is tough and tasteless. When I cook a Stouffers Frozen Turkey Dinner, at home, the Turkey is most delicious and tender.

  15. Da ben dan said :

    I don’t know …I disagree with you…homemade food is always better….it’s just that sometimes when you are the one who has made the food…you’re tired of the smells and tastes before you serve it.

  16. led n guns said :

    because the chefs out side are trained, pros

  17. cypress9silver said :

    Oh, you’re probably not a bad cook. I know my way around a kitchen and don’t anticipate ever cooking anything that tastes bad, for the rest of my life….

    I love to dine out and really enjoy restaurant food much better than my own simply because, someone else cooked it and someone else cleans up. It does make a difference.

  18. knolley68 said :

    because you didn’t cook it

  19. freddy said :

    probably a combi of skill, ingredients, the ambience and sometimes even the equipment.

  20. jescl32 said :

    Mines better at home. Only reason MOST resturants are enjoyable is “getting out of the house”, not having to clean up, and not having to cook.

    Now there are SOME resturants that are out of this world, usually very expensive and few and far between.

  21. brevejunkie said :

    You’re not a good cook?


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