Why does food at resturaunts taste so much better than grocery food?

And even when the food is in the oven it still dosen’t taste as good.

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9 Responses to “Why does food at resturaunts taste so much better than grocery food?”

  1. Melissa R said:

    – msg at the restaurants,

  2. m143mlj said:

    Because you didn’t have to cook it!

  3. buckeye_babe95 said:

    SALT and MSG and honestly way too much fat in the way of sauces, marinades, dressings, etc.

  4. Island Girl said:

    Are you talking prepared grocery food, or food you buy at the grocery store to prepare yourself?

  5. Jon P said:

    I used to ask myself the same question. There was just something about food at a restaurant that couldn’t be duplicated at home. I really wanted answers so I looked into it. I used to think they had better stoves, grills, etc. I was wrong. When you cook at home alot of times you just leave out an ingredient or an important step in preparing the dish. It’s as simple as that. One thing that totally revolutionized my home cooking was the copycat cookbook. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves restaurant quality food but can’t always afford it. Ever since I downloaded the book the quality of the meals I make have been amazing! You can get it on my site actually at http://www.jchrispenterprises.com and you can check my blog out at http://www.eatingoutathome.blogspot.com

  6. WEE MAN said:

    guess some of us not so hot at home cooking

  7. esmerelda said:

    You haven’t been to my house! I would much rather eat my rack of lamb, or pasta alla carbonara, or ceviche, etc any day of the week!…nothing compares to good, homemade food! And if my friends and family are any indication, I would have to say that they all agree!

  8. freshmint said:

    lots of cream, butter, salt, msg, and a good chef. Basically, all the ingredients that are bad for your health.

  9. carmeliasue said:

    I would say the freshness of ingredients, that would be the first difference. The fresher the ingredients the better the taste of that ingredient.
    Enviroment is another factor. Usually when you go out to dinner, you are relaxed, your being served, instead of serving others, and you don’t have to worry or get upset about anything in the kitchen. So you are able to actually taste and enjoy the food instead of worrying about everyone else.
    The cook. The experience level of the cook is also a factor. Chef’s have training or years of experience with all types of foods, spices, herbs, sauces, etc. We know what flavors go good with meats, fish, poultry,,etc. We also do not serve food that doesn’t meet our standards. (99% of Chef’s are very picky) and if one thing is off,,then that dish is redone. A home cook can not do that. It isn’t practical for a ‘wife’ to throw out a ‘steak’ because it wasn’t cooked correctly.
    Those are your big differences.


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