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Why does food taste better when its grilled?

I have found that most food taste so much better when it is grilled than when it is prepared by other means. Anyone else feel this way?

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4 Responses to “Why does food taste better when its grilled?”

  1. roeman said :

    yes all no all is well

  2. jautomatic said :

    yes, the direct fire caramelizes the natural sugars and creates a pleasant sweetness, the smoke and charred bits add a contrasting savory and bitterness. The complex combination of flavors are very appealing.

    I also think that the millions of years our ancestors cooked over open flame has been passed on to us.

  3. Angie said :

    I too feel this way. Grilled chicken is heaven.

  4. rot_kitchen said :

    Because grilled food have more flavor and use not more than just fire so the real taste of materials is came out, different from steam or fry, steam use water and fry use oil.

    But there is a quote in my country said “If u wanna get more, Get more risk.” It means if we grill we don’t want the materials get too done ( we prefer half done ) and it is more risky for health to eat too much half done food than the well done one, but the half-done food ( especially for meat ) have the best taste from others.
    I agree that grilled items is the best !!


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