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Why most Green Tea is not green at all?

I try many green tea, haven’t find one that is actually green in the water, all like brown or yellow. Why is that? Which type of Green tea is for sure green?

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4 Responses to “Why most Green Tea is not green at all?”

  1. Kathy said :

    well the red sea aint red…so green tea does not have to be green

  2. Brenna F said :

    Because the leaves are dried when they are green.
    Just mess around at some Asian markets, the teas there are typically green, for all the ones I’ve had.
    [I don’t use bagged, by the way]

  3. punchie said :

    Trust me…it’s green tea. Know that when plant materials (i.e. green tea) are dried for preservation, the color of the plant will change. Now, the color will vary according to “grade” or variety. Next time you buy some lettuce, set one leaf aside in your refrigerator, once it wilts, it will begin to loose it’s moisture, once the moisture is gone, the lettuce leaf will start to brown. Tea must be completely dry in order to be stored properly. If the process is done correctly, and is free from any moisture, it can be stored for years without any problems.

  4. Robert J said :

    I think it just depends on the type of green tea you get. I ordered some free diet green tea from and it wasn’t really the green color that I expected, but it’s delicious nevertheless and definitely has all the benefits of green tea! I think that’s the most important part anyway!


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