Will we give up smoking??

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10 Responses to “Will we give up smoking??”

  1. kizzyd said:

    im sure 1 day there wont be any more ciggarents to smoke so my answer is probuly.

  2. nevine m said:

    not if your asking.

  3. manders030405 said:

    I will eventually…I dunno about you.

  4. snowymountains123 said:

    if u try real hard u will – good luck and have fun with the extra money u will have!!

  5. jozzie said:

    i have ..been smoke free for 12 months now

  6. ~resilientNeia~ said:

    my father never will. that’s for sure~

  7. gabnella said:

    I gave up smoking by NEVER starting, simple solution

  8. Truebluexhooligan said:

    Giving up smoking is not as hard as people think it is, once you except that its a mind addiction then it won’t be so hard. I smoked for many many years, a pack plus a day. One day I just had enough and quit, I threw out the ciggerettes, lighters, and ashtrays, I opened my windows in my house and car and aired them out and that was it, the first couple days were hard since I was used to having ciggerettes but after that it wasn’t bad at all. It only takes 21 days to break a habit or start a habit. If you really want to do it you will. I not only breath better but I can smell everything now, I have been quit for almost 3 years now. Good Luck.

  9. piggrumpy@verizon.net said:

    Well here in the USA the government is trying it’s best to BAN smoking. I say as long as I can buy my cigars then they’ll be prying them out of my cold dead hands before I give up. People should take a heads up with everything the government is doing. Before it’s too late.

  10. Whatever said:

    Of course; eventually. Everybody quits smoking i.e.; once when you go up in smoke 😉 .
    But On a serious note; why the guilt; I think this guilt does more damage than the “vice” itself.
    Dont stop trying cause its this effort/endeavour that is more important than the result. Its the journey that is more important than the destination (Damn I can talk heavy philosphy)
    (Ok here comes another one )
    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    But point is … Ok man you should have got it if there was one 🙂

    Peace V


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