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Would Christmas cooking for Dummies make a excellent holiday gift idea?

Author Dede Wilson,CCP/ i am thinking about getting my niece this book .but i need some advice from all the yahoo gang..thanks for all the input..

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6 Responses to “Would Christmas cooking for Dummies make a excellent holiday gift idea?”

  1. ladystang said:

    depends if she wants to learn or not

  2. Miz Lamb said:

    ANY cookbook is an excellent gift!! That would be good for a beginner and so would a more serious “kitchen bible”, Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book.

    Never doubt a cookbook for any gift giving occasion.

    My granddaughters will recieve their copies of Better Homes and Gardens this Christmas. I have used mine to teach their mothers and uncles, and them. It is so nasty from all these beginning cooks that it is almost unreadable, but they all want MINE!! One daughter wanted to trade for my old one rather than a new one “because it is all marked up on the best recipes!”

  3. April said:

    I would think that would be pretty insulting. I would think that a regular Betty Crocker cookbook would be fine. That was my first one, which a friend of mine gave me. After over 30 years of marriage I still have the cookbook. It’s a nice memory. You could also invite her over & give her some cooking lessons, if she would like that.

  4. buttercup said:

    I find all of the “Dummies” books informative and accurate.
    I would think your niece would be very thankful.

    Good luck!

  5. E said:

    I agree, I think it would be a little bit of a slap. all these dummy books – I think its okay for someone to buy them for themselves, or if they ask for one…but surprising someone with one is kind of like saying: here’s your gift, idiot. lol
    there are so many wonderful sweets and cookies cook books out there. I’m sure they would love the gorgeous pictures they’re filled with. you can find lots of really nice ones on sale for super cheap, too.

    if you have time to shop, check out amazon. key in “cookie cook books”. their shipping is usually reasonably fast with standard ship.

  6. KDL said:

    I think when you buy a “For Dummies” or a “The Complete Idiot’s Guide” type book, you should buy it for yourself and never for someone else. Even if your niece has to start out from scratch with working the toaster, I’d try to find a cookbook with a better title that she will be proud to pull out years from now. Aside from that suggestion, I think a recipe box with your best recipes would be a Christmas gift she could cherish for many years to come. 😉


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