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Would Magdalenas still be good the next afternoon?

I’m baking Magdalenas (Spanish cupcakes) for my Spanish class, but it’s not going to be given in by tomorrow afternoon (and its about 6pm now). It contains the basics- flour, milk, eggs, sugar etc. Would they still be good to eat? Or should I just wake up early tomorrow morning to bake them then? Thanks! 🙂
Well, I don’t mean if they’re going to go bad or anything. I’m asking if they’ll be edible. As in they won’t be too hard to eat?

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2 Responses to “Would Magdalenas still be good the next afternoon?”

  1. Michael Brad said:

    yeahh they would be good

  2. A said:

    They should be fine. Just keep them in the fridge overnight, and if there’s any frosting involved do that tomorrow.


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