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Would you Give up Smoking and Drinking and Fast Food if ……………..?

you received free health care in return. I cannot help but imagine that this will be the outcome for the future of socialist-health related political issues in like 50-60 years. So if this was your choice, which would you choose. Keep in mind that treating major cancer in this country costs around 200-500K.

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17 Responses to “Would you Give up Smoking and Drinking and Fast Food if ……………..?”

  1. Dr. Teddy™ said :

    I’m no quitter!

  2. JackiePaper! said :

    I’d move to Canada

  3. Cindy Lou Who loves you-who said :

    well since i don’t drink or smoke i guess i’m stuck with fast food

  4. ☁ мayвe ι'м dreaмιng ☄ said :

    I don’t do any of those anyway, so yes?

  5. Fuh Q -_- said :

    well i dont smoke or drink anyways
    but giving up mcdonalds? :O

  6. Voldy's Girl says Merry XMAS said :

    I’m 16, I don’t pay for health insurance

  7. 3lsa91 said :


  8. CANNOLI said :

    Nah, I will keep my red wine

  9. ƒlαṃïṉģ ђєtєг๏รєץยคl said :

    yes once i was older i would give it up when i’d need health care, that’s a good motivator for this fat ass country. but i doubt the “socialists” will ever have the courage to do that, they don’t have the courage to do anything because they fear redneck backlash or they are bought and paid for by corporations just like conservatives.

  10. T!nted said :

    America oh America…the fattest dirtiest country…yet we are teh strongest alone….

    I would…these foods kill our society and somehow links to bad economy cuz people get too lazy to work…too fat to move…and so much diseases needed to be paid by the greasy foods…most burger flipers sneeze in.

  11. kails said :

    i cant stand fast foods they disgust me!
    but the drinking and smoking would be kinda hard cuz how can u have a good party without at least one of those things being there?

  12. Mrstarsman said :

    Noooo! Theres No way im giving up on Fast Food!

  13. georgiah [whos bad] said :


  14. TexHabsfan said :

    well i don’t smoke tobacco .. drink in reasonable quantities .. uhm do you consider Jack in the Box junk food cuz I kind of live off those burgers during hockey season

  15. Captian @$$ kisser to the rescue said :

    Not an adult so I don’t smoke or drink and also don’t really know what health care is, and asking me to give up Jack in the Box is too much! I would go with no!

  16. Mike M. said :

    I don’t smoke or drink, I have enough problems with my health as it is. And I really don’t like the way health-care reform is looking these days.

  17. Fido said :

    Fast food: Done

    Smoking: Done.

    Drinking: Ehhhhhhhh… No.

    And I’m in Calgary, so I’m covered by Alberta Blue Cross. =D For my healthy future. W00t.


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