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If your doctor told you to either give up sex or smoking, which would it be?

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21 Responses to “If your doctor told you to either give up sex or smoking, which would it be?”

  1. twistedhatter13 said :

    I’d smoke while having sex on his desk

  2. I <3 Shoes said :

    Smoking. But, I don’t smoke so it’s kind of an easy decision.

  3. miles_away09 said :


  4. crazy but cute said :

    i dont smoke.and if i wud definitely smoke i’ll give up

  5. Y!A said :

    Sex, its over-rated anyways!

  6. Morrigan said :

    The cigarettes would be history!

  7. Karen said :

    That’s easy, smoking.

  8. luv.andi said :

    Can I still have all by myself time?! Sex is a lot easier to stop having than smokes.

  9. strange-artist said :

    OH GOD,-smoking? but I’d be a major a-hole!…….

  10. HP. 7/09 :D said :

    i dont smoke but if i did, i’d definitely give up smoking.

  11. Spicy said :

    I’d get a new doctor…

  12. Shades of Grey said :

    Ohhhh you cant make me pick!

    Okay, hand over a patch!

  13. D-MAN said :

    hell too easy I had to give up sex here any way so I’ll smoke here and when I get home I’ll have s8x and stop smoking how that…


    I would give up smex. not sex no no not smoking either but smex I can do puff puff pass. wooo hooo

  15. ................................ said :

    simple i would give up smoking cause well i dont smoke. So i would never quit having sex i need that.

  16. Miss Ballew :] said :

    Since I don’t and never will smoke, I’d say smoking.

  17. gorglin said :


  18. 10SC said :

    Smoking. But it would be hard.

  19. Kumara said :

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