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is it worth it taking a class or learn guitar solo by ourselves?

I’ve passed the rhythm. now i want to be good in guitar lead/solo. should I take a class or? from your experience, when you’re in class, is it you alone and the teacher or with other students as well?

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5 Responses to “is it worth it taking a class or learn guitar solo by ourselves?”

  1. Big D said :

    You will find lots of useful guitar lessons and information here – it works on an “honour system”. If you can afford to pay for the lessons then please donate for what you use – imagine it was a pay site. If you can’t afford to donate it is no problem at all – the site is free for you :). Updates and new material is pretty much donation dependant. Donations give me more time away from paid work to develop this site and make new lessons and features. BIG THANKS in advance 🙂

  2. native southern highlander said :

    Lessons would expedite the process I hear. lol I’d get a scale chart or what have you in any case. That’s how I learned to solo. Took awhile though : ) play with people better than you who take lessons, record yourself playing your chord progressions and just play around the neck a lot. Stray Cat’s “Stray Cat Strut” is fun to do this with. Play along to songs on CD. All these things will help in terms of the DIY ethos. Have fun!

  3. ganggreen369 said :

    If you can find a good teacher with a good reputation to have one on one lessons defintely go with that. I started learning by myself and now I go to Hunts Music and it has helped me so much. Avoid getting lessons from people at Music stores like Accent Music. Made that mistake once, it was awful.

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