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Would you be offended if someone bought you a “cooking light” cookbook for Christmas?

(and you never expressed an interest in cooking light)

would you take it as a hint that you need to lose a few?

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20 Responses to “Would you be offended if someone bought you a “cooking light” cookbook for Christmas?”

  1. sofia2012latinbabes rock!! said :

    it depends wat i weigh and how i feel about my weight.either way i think i wuld b offended.but if i was overweight i wuld use it.

  2. mooresk said :

    Probably not. Even if it has remained unspoken, most people are interested in eating healthfully. Don’t think of it as a not-so-subtle hint to lose a few pounds, think of it as a wish for you to live a long and healthy life! Why carry around negativity?

  3. siamesedharma said :

    Yes. Unless they are just really cheap and got it at the 99 cents store.

  4. 2bzy said :

    No, I’d take it as a hint that they want me to eat more healthy food because they don’t want me to get high cholesterol.

  5. Monica K said :

    It depends on what the person thought when they bought the book.
    Maybe the were not thinking “lite” as in low fat recipes maybe they where thinking “Light” as in light meals.
    I wouldn’t be offended a lot of cook books these days are low fat cooking books.

  6. starcharlieblue said :

    I would be delighted that they were concerned about my health. Some “light” recipes are excellent!

  7. Yog said :

    it would depend on the person who brings it, more over on the nature of relations that he has with me.

  8. Deborah W. said :

    I would love a cookbook like that. If I received it yeah I get the hint.

  9. John H said :

    not at all ive been given things like that and i have nothing on me.make the most of it and learn some new things.

  10. blue-nn said :

    LOL you should not get offended if they give you that they are just trying to help you!
    and if you think you are over weight then just try to exercise more!

  11. ha*ha*ha said :

    No, I would love them! Anyone who would be offended needs to get there priorities straight. Everyone can stand to eat healthier.

  12. Michelle said :

    depends…if the person enjoys cooking, no. It has a lot of AMAZING recipes, and it’s not about losing weight, but about being healthy.

    If the person doesn’t enjoy cooking…yes. But I LOVE to cook and I wouldn’t be offended…in fact, i’d be really excited!

  13. coffee said :

    Not offnded but might use it to lose a few pounds.

  14. ee! said :

    well, i think first it depends on their image of themselves. if they seem really self-concious alot, then it’s probably not a good idea. however. if they seem pretty confident, and especially if you know cooking is a passion of theirs, then sure, go ahead. but just take into perspective if they have a positive self-image and if you know for a fact they enjoy cooking.

  15. bloomluver93 said :

    not really, i would still use it as a healthy life style choice

  16. pepseequeen said :

    Not necessarily.

    Look at the positive; cooking light is the big thing (popular) right now, maybe they were influenced by that. They may care about your well being & want you to support you in living a long healthy life.

    Overweight people aren’t the only ones who do or should cook light.

  17. lhubbs80 said :

    Yes, I would be offended and my feeling would be hurt. Sorry about your Christmas gift..

  18. PETER said :

    No, not offended, but I would be worried as the person giving the present wants to lose weight (for whom?).

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