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bored with healthy food options what should i shop for?

Also I hate to cook, which was why fast food was a great lazy option for me, what are some quick foods I can have for dinner? What are main things I should have in my shopping cart?

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2 Responses to “bored with healthy food options what should i shop for?”

  1. Cooking Engineer (CE) said :

    I always have these:

    1) I always make sure I have bags opf frozen veggies (they are chopped and ready to go and healthier than most fresh veggies).

    2) chicken breasts are cheap and healthy…easy to make. Grill, pan fry, or bake in the oven. Try marinating them in different salad dressings or ready made marinade.

    3) Low fat milk and low calorie bread

    4) Peanut butter.

  2. miss_brittanychantal said :

    I would recommend investing in a crockpot , then you can just prepare ealry in the morning and forget about it till dinner.

    You can cook ALMOST anything in a crockpot !

    Saucey Dishes


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