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cali columbia has anybody been there and how was it?

security, places to go, eat out and hotels and of course clubs to meet woman

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5 Responses to “cali columbia has anybody been there and how was it?”

  1. Natasha B said:

    too scared to go to Colombia. Went to Venezuela for a day, that was scary too!

  2. Lion said:

    i have not bin there before

  3. gatorfly36 said:

    I’ve been to Cartgena, with a guy named Pete Garland.I would guess that the hotel concierge could point out some safe places to go, or the US Embassy could provide you a list of secure establishments.

  4. jcesar0903 said:

    Any city in Colombia is great…I was there last year n’ had an amazing time…

    view the trip pictures @

  5. watsubey4 said:

    bbbbbbooooooooooo it sucks


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