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Does this sound like a good tri tip seasoning?

Rosemary, Lemon Pepper, E.V.O.O, salt, a litte more pepper, and thyme.

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5 Responses to “Does this sound like a good tri tip seasoning?”

  1. freesumpin' said:

    Yes, it does. I’d add a little ground cumin too.
    I’ll be over in a few hours!

  2. gr8fuljimmy said:

    It is a sure thing. I happen to like rosemary on pork. My favorite seasoning for tri tip would definately be garlic salt, pepper and EVOO.

  3. hotchotlver said:

    So do you want me to bring Chicken or pork? What time are we eating?

  4. lolo lala said:

    Sounds good to me. And I agree with you, dogs do rule!

  5. mrs sexy pants said:

    i love rosemary on everything, so yes!


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