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Food that I can freeze for a party?

It’s a barbeque, and I want to get some of the food done ahead of time. What can I make now and freeze?

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5 Responses to “Food that I can freeze for a party?”

  1. Lori H said :

    The meat.
    Butterbeans, green beans, baked beans
    cakes, icebox pies

  2. Cindy Lou said :

    Make some yummy petite meatballs, cook and freeze, take out and defrost and then add them to your favorite bar-b-que sauce recipe. Keep them warm in a crock pot. Big hit at parties.

  3. nackawicbean said :

    cakes, pies, baked beans, three bean salad, party meatballs,

    dessert squares…

  4. hvn_fun2 said :

    If you have your steaks, chicken, ribs, etc. FRESH, NOT FROZEN, you can make your marinade, put the marinade and meat in sealable freezer bags, and freeze. After defrosting, it will be nicely seasoned and ready to put on the grill. Be sure to defrost in the fridge 24 hours before the party.

  5. shannon p said :



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