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How can I easily learn to play guitar?

I tried to teach myself in the past by reading books and stuff, but it just seemed too hard. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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9 Responses to “How can I easily learn to play guitar?”

  1. TerryD said :

    phh. child’s play.
    Here are some easy steps!
    1. meditate daily to ensure that you have maximum musical harmony(five hours minimum)
    2. Pluck random strings to make music(three hours daily!)
    3. close your eyes and feel the beat
    4. Do three hundreed push up s a day
    5. Brush your teeth at least twice in every hour
    6. Garden
    7. dance around your guitar in a firepit after 5pm at least once a week
    8. If it doesnt work, burn your guitar

  2. Sockmonkey888 said :

    heh, books never help. learn some chords and learn to play some songs that you like with easy chords (from youtube). this will help you transition from chord, to chord which helps a lot. then learn to read tab, its pretty simple and iis the easiest way to learn songs. learning songs that YOU like is the most important thing, they will help you with technique, while still enjoying yourself. if you’re good at it, and dont give up, then you should take lessons. hope this helps!

  3. travis m said :

    tune the guitar to A —- get a SK 3/4 socket —— slide your brains out

  4. Steven Gardner said :

    there is no easy way. you can:
    learning chords for your favorite songs. (
    music theory books if you cant take a music theory class. get to know the guitar.

    that should give you a push. good luck

  5. Sean Gibbons said :

    go to google it i forget the exact webisite
    really helped me out with acoustic and electric

  6. Matt B said :

    give up

  7. Alaskan girl said :

    I think you should ignore the above answers. reading books won’t get you far. you need to actually practice, probably starting with chords and some easy tablerature (look it up). How easy can you learn? that depends on how good you want to get. If you want to end up an expert, it will take years and years of practice.

  8. N said :

    There is no substitute for spending time with the instrument.

  9. Jake Moon said :

    I had this exact same problem about a month ago. So I did my research and found a cool site that has tons of videos and step by step easy instructions for anyone who is a beginner all the way up to advanced!

    Check it out here:


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