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How can i learn to play guitar Really fast!? (& free)?

So, im 15 and iv been writing my own songs since i was 9. Everyone at school is always telling me how it’d be cool if i knew how to play, but i dont, and im too broke to get lessons. I have a regular non electric guitar already. But i really want to learn how to play!!! SO BAD! Please help me here, or just give me an opinion! PLEASE…

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5 Responses to “How can i learn to play guitar Really fast!? (& free)?”

  1. DR DEAL said :

    Like most of the great that I like, BB King, Muddy Waters and Keith Richards. that last picked up the instrument and started to mimic the 45 records of our day. So if you have talent you’ll get along if not,better find away to pay for lessons.Of my favorites you can check out is Les Paul,and Wes Montgomery.

  2. Unforgiven said :

    Youtube… or a first grade guitar book teaching you simple chords and notation (getting you used to the guitar)… then you can look up chords you don’t know on google and eventually you memorise them.

    with electric guitar you usually just play riffs and power chords, normal chords and fingerstyle is usually better suited for acoustic guitar… lucky for you power chords are an easy three notes- which you obviously have to get used to stretching your fingers to play

    You will not learn to play >well< fast.... it will take time, so really there is not quick way, you need time to get good.

  3. barco said :

    It takes HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of PRACTICE bedcause playing guitar is a MECHANICAL SKILL and that relies on MUSCLE MEMORY and you can only get MUSCLE MEMORY when you have PRACTICED something so many times the MUSCLES DO THE PLAYING WITH NO INPUT FROM THE BRAIN.

    Keep practicing.. you should be able to play really fast by the time YOU TURN 20 YEARS OLE.

  4. Kick Ass B said :

    unfortunately, guitar is the kind of instrument that for most people is very hard at first and then very easy later. it’s a coordination thing, takes a few months to master the coordination (and build hand strength) and then it’s all gravy. i say that because i also play woodwinds which are the opposite, easy at first and a serious bitch to master. why? guitar, like all string instruments uses the same patterns in all 12 keys, so if you learn a scale or a lick in one key all you need to do to change key is move to a different fret and play the same pattern. with most non-stringed instruments you have to learn a different pattern for every key. so with guitar you have to learn it once to play in all keys, woodwinds (and other instruments) you have to learn it twelve times, once for every key. so you could say once you get over the coordination problem guitar is 12 times easier than other instruments. if you’re looking to get good enough to play in a band quickly, i’d recommend bass guitar. bass is very easy to start with and very easy later too, and bass players are in demand too.
    if you are determined to play guitar though, i’d recommend learning the following open chords: E, A, D, G, C, F, Am, Em, Dm, B7
    learn those chords and learn to go back and forth between all of them and then you’ll be able to strum about half the songs on the radio.

  5. Rodrigo R said :

    i learned for free at which teaches everything you need: struming, tunning, picking, etc. It is a very cool page.


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