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How can I learn to play rhythm guitar?

I’m just learning how to play guitar…I know the D, G, and E minor chord. My friend asked me to be in their band, and I told them to give me some time to improve. about a month or so…
how can I learn quickly? more chords, and arpeggios?
and power chords?
I seriously cannot do a power chord to save my life 😮

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5 Responses to “How can I learn to play rhythm guitar?”

  1. Brooke B. said :

    go to your local music institute and ask them for a couple lessons. its much easier to learn that way than trying to learn online.

  2. Brutalflame said :

    Learn the music you want to play. I am in a band and don’t know the names of some chords sadly because we go off of tabs (tablature). Learn how to bar a power chord because that is what you are going to be playing for rythm guitar. I started off learning about 20 chords then moved onto songs that I loved. If they were to hard I would stick with it and keep playing that one part of the song I couldn’t get over and over again. Speed comes with time. The more you play the more you learn so I recommend.. like I said previously.. play the songs you love and it will come to you quickly.

  3. Redbeard said :

    Stop asking questions and start playing guitar. Queer.

  4. Cindy said :

    Power cords get easier as you practice. Use your own fingering that’s comfortable. You can use just the first two strings. You can use the first three strings. I hold the bottom two down with my ring finger like a bar chord.

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