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How can i train my dog to hunt without a already trained dog ?

how can i train my beagle for Game Bird/rabbit hunting
without another already trained dog.

any correct links will help alot.

thanks alot =]]

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4 Responses to “How can i train my dog to hunt without a already trained dog ?”

  1. christinejambazian said:

    Take your dog to a place where they train dogs.

  2. LuthienTinuviel said:

    My best guess would be that you throw out something that’s similar to what you want it to hunt…maybe something with feathers or that has fur attached….then you throw it or hide it, tell it to fetch it, then call it to bring it back to you. When it returns it to you, reward the dog with a treat, a cuddle, or a pat on the head. Eventually, it should catch on….but note that beagles are not actually the smartest dogs in the world and, although they have a natural chasing instinct, it sometimes takes them awhile to learn new tricks. You have to have patience.

  3. beaglemomma82 said:

    I train all my beagles on bottled scents. You can buy the scents at almost any hunting supply store. I purchase deer scent and put it on their collars. Within a short time, Beagle get use to the scent of deer and will not run them. They will simply pass over a deer trail. You can buy the same for rabbits. I apply a large amount to a rag tied on a piece of rope and drag it a short distance. Gradually (like every 2-3 day) I decrease the rabbit scent amount on the rag and increase the distance. I start puppies at about 5 weeks before they even leave my house. I have found with the ones I am keeping, they are tracking long distances and baying when nessassary by the time they are 9-12 weeks.

  4. dogme said:


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