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How do I carbonate water to make seltzer or soda at home?

I drink a ton of seltzer water, and I want a cheaper way to do it. Is there a cheap way to make it at home?

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2 Responses to “How do I carbonate water to make seltzer or soda at home?”

  1. Mark B said:

    This is a great question. I had the same issue. I was drinking a huge amount of seltzer (about one 2 liter bottle a day), so I was looking for the some other way to do it.

    I checked out things like sodastream / sodaclub, but those were really expensive, and I actually figured out a way to do it yourself by building a simple system at home. There is a site called which has all the info you need to build a great home seltzer and soda making system. Using their directions, I was able to create my seltzer system in a few hours. Now I’m making seltzer for about 2 pennies per liter. It’s very simple, tastes great, and is fun!

  2. Jane said:

    I googled “carbonation at home” and got several sites


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