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How do you eat spicy food without going to the hospital?

i eat a lot of spicy food but i am about to go to eat the spiciest buffalo wings in my state. if i can eat like 10 of these wings than i will get my name on the wall there, to eat the wings you have to sign a contract.

i was wondering if you guys had any tips on how i can tolerate the spicy sauce. foods that get rid of the spice, preparation before i eat, how to eat it to avoid burning my tongue, or any other tips?

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5 Responses to “How do you eat spicy food without going to the hospital?”

  1. epic_laydown said :

    have lots of milk or lots of ice cream available. anything with lots of fat like dairy foods decrease the heat in spicy foods.

  2. Jack Sprat said :


  3. Safetyman said :

    I too like spicy foods and feel your pain. I heard and have actually found that if I put a packet of sugar in my mouth after eating something really hot, it helps neutralize the heat. Maybe just keep a few packets of sugar in your pocket and use them between hot-wings.

    Good luck and I hope you get your name on the wall and not in the obituary section of your local paper.

  4. raindreamer said :

    Can’t give you a ton of advice regarding preparation or the process itself, but a quick way to deal with the spice after you’ve finished eating is to drink a thick, cold smoothie made with yogurt. Yogurt counteracts the heat.

    I love spicy food myself. I’d say just deal with the heat, it’s only 10 wings, right? And it’ll be fun. And probably tasty.

    Good luck and enjoy! And for Pete’s sake, don’t touch any vital body parts while you’re eating them or before you wash your hands. You don’t want chili sauce in your eye, or in any other delicate location. My husband went to pee once after eating hot chilies. Not a good experience for him!

  5. Pretty Blues said :

    There is a place called Quaker Steak and Lube that has a similar wing – it’s famous and they make you sign a waiver and have a wall as well. What they recommend is:

    – do not eat or drink anything after for like 20 min (people think water or milk but it’s not actually a good idea, dont have anything!)

    – try not to use your hands to eat them, if you do use your hands avoid touching your face anywhere near your eyes because you could do serious damage

    – the same applies to the bathroom, you could harm yourself if there is anything on your hands, so make sure to use the restroom before beginning

    (as a personal recommendation – have some rolaids or even pepto before going to help prepare your stomach)

    GOOD LUCK! I heard its not that bad after the first two bites (probably because you cant taste it anymore, haha)


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