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How do you make the top of the pie if you already have a shell/pan and the filling ?

Flour or something idk, i have strawberry pie filling and pie shell/pan, how do I make a good topping for the pie?
I don’t have oats can I replace that with something else?

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6 Responses to “How do you make the top of the pie if you already have a shell/pan and the filling ?”

  1. Starfish said:

    Make a crumble out of butter (melted), brown sugar, and quick rolled oats.

  2. yo said:

    You can either do a crumble or you can just use some more of the shell and either just lay it on top of it and make sure to make slits with a knife in the top or you can do a lattic and make it all special

  3. rogerrabbitanddoe said:

    flour , brown sugar and butter,…..Make a crumb topping by rubbing between fingers until well mixed and sprinkle on top. Do not premelt butter , with a strawberry pie could add some ground almonds too for a nice flavor

  4. Dune said:

    Use another sheet of pastry.

  5. Joseph said:

    Making a top for your already made pie shell will not work. Either way, the pie will be over cooked. Or the shell will be over cooked. Or if you somehow just cook the top and then place it on top of the filled shell, it will not be the same taste as the shell. So forget the flour and butter and making that kind of top. Just good old whipped cream. Whip heavy cream yourself or buy the aerosol can of whipped cream. cover the top with whipped cream. The take 3 or 4 strawberries; chop into bits and sprinkle over the whipped cream top. Beautiful.

  6. got axe said:

    just put the meat stuff in the bottom of the pan and cover it with the pastry


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