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How do you take your green/regular tea?

I love both green tea and regular tea.

I drink green tea plain or with milk and sugar and both ways are good.

I drink regular tea with milk, either with or without sugar.

How do you take your tea?

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14 Responses to “How do you take your green/regular tea?”

  1. net said :

    i love tea! regular and green.. i just like it 2 be icy cold, doesnt matter if i add sugar or not.. yummy

  2. Hannah said :

    i have earl grey with green and passionflower with milk & sugar

  3. Xpress said :

    Almost all teas contain antioxident (i.e. a cancer and ageing preventing agent) in particular the green tea.

    However, milk can neutralised/destroyed the antioxident in teas we drink. So it is entirely up to you to decide if you are drinking tea as enjoyment, part of your healthy diet or for the mentioned dual purpose.

    All Asian teas like the Japanese green tea and the Chinese traditional tea are to be drink as it is – no sugar, milk etc. additives. Teas from Sri Langka (Cylon teas) can be drink as it is or with milk/sugar additive.

    Just my 2 cents!


  4. honz said :

    i love to drink tea also,
    i like to drink lipton tea, with milk everyday. with a toast of bread with butter.
    and usually i drink green tea every morning after meal
    because i believe that it can help digest food that i intake.

  5. Zakuro said :

    i like my green tea with nothing added and i drink from my butterfly mug

    i like my regular tea with no sugar and a teeny bit of milk so that its just the right coulor and i drink it from my cat mug

  6. sam said :

    green tea plain, hot or cold. regular tea unsweetened hot or cold and sometimes hot with cinnamon and a little sugar and milk.

  7. pinklayni said :

    Some days just plain, some days with sweet ‘n low.

  8. thin lizzy said :

    Yorkshire tea with milk, no sugar.

    And after living for over 30 years in the USA I have even acquired a taste for iced tea, again, no sugar.

  9. Lolligager said :

    I drink my tea with a little skim milk and sweetner…I really like the flavored one’s because they help when i want something sweet.

  10. winter_spice78 said :

    I don’t like the taste of green tea so I avoid it if I can. Regular tea, I add two packets of sweet and low. No milk.

  11. epic_laydown said :

    Plain…sometimes with stevia. But for the most part, just straight up.

  12. Lita31 said :

    I like cold brewed with a twist of lime or lemon and splenda

  13. My Coke Rewards Codes said :

    Ice Tea with artificial sweetener.

  14. Cristina said :

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