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How do you train a dog to help its owner if owner is in great danger?

I am getting a boxer, and I am taking it wherever I go> Down about 1/2 a mile from my grandmas we have spotted hog that come from some woods. I go down there and I have been chased up a tree a couple of times. How would I train this dog to help me if I am in danger? I know you could do it but how?

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7 Responses to “How do you train a dog to help its owner if owner is in great danger?”

  1. Kip's Mom *** *** said :

    You need to find a trainer to help you. There isn’t enough space here to tell you all the things you need to do…

    Add: Sigh. This is not something that I would rely on being “instinct” in my dog. Wild pigs can be EXTREMELY dangerous, and can easily injure (and kill) a human, let alone an untrained dog.

  2. =) said :

    im not sure u can, i think it has to be instinct

  3. sugarduck03 said :

    if your dog loves you its instinct will take over, my dog freaks if anyone tries to grab me even if they are playing around.

  4. Sara Jane said :

    If you want to put yourself in harms way, FINE! Leave your dog out of it as your dog will likely be gored to death by an angry wild bore. Unlike you, your dog can NOT climb a tree. A bore is much stronger than a boxer. You want protection? Carry a gun or pepper spray.

  5. Krystal said :

    i’m not sure thats something you teach, i think its just something they do. if your in trouble i’m sure there instinct will kick in

  6. Dogsrule said :

    Yeah that you single handidly can not do. You need to find a facility that specializes in that particular type of training

  7. sand____ said :

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