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How helpful is green tea for losing weight?

Of course I will exericise and diet at the same time. But if I drink green tea, will it raise my metabolism by a significant amount?

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3 Responses to “How helpful is green tea for losing weight?”

  1. jakeii said:

    ok i give up….say whaaaaaaaaat?

  2. soba said:

    wut ive read sed it can suppress ur appetite and burn up 2 70 extra calories a day.. which is pretty good for jus sittin n drinkin a cup of tea.. dont add sugar or honey tho- 1 tsp sugar is 11 cals n honey is 60 so that kinda defeats the purpose

  3. XiaoZhen said:

    I don’t think it increases metabolism. I don’t feel it although I have been drinking Chinese tea for years.

    It does help in weight loss because of the no sugar content and if you keep drinking it through the day, it makes you full, so you eat lesser. However, tea has its benefits and they differ from tea to tea.

    Read Chinese tea and its benefits


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