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How many pounds of fish and shrimp will I need for 50 people?

Having a 4 of july party for about 50 people and I need to feed them all. People are sure to snack all day because there will be a keg of beer. How many pounds of fish and shrimp do I need to buy?

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13 Responses to “How many pounds of fish and shrimp will I need for 50 people?”

  1. Jei J said :

    dont ask me. im not a weight scale

  2. mars said :

    5 pounds per person if the people are male, 1 pound if female

  3. Annie said :

    Considering you’re having other snacks like salsa, chips, guac, etc….

    I’d say 15lbs shrimp.
    Fish – Don’t understand….Will you fry it in batter & serve w/ fries, or ????????

  4. sameer c said :

    I think 15 pounds of fish and 10 pounds of shrimp should be enough.

  5. nanou002003 said :

    it depends on a few things,is that your only appetizer?if so i would say about 150 pounds….on avg people have 3-5 pounds each…..if u have a couple of appetizers and trying to cut cost go with 85pounds.

  6. OctoberGirl said :

    Try this site for other food ideas. Don’t feel like you should supply all the food, by all means, when people offer to bring something…let them bring it! And people love shrimp…so, at great cost to you, I’d go with 15 lbs. Assume each person will have 4 or 5 shrimp (if it’s cocktail) Sounds fun, what can I bring!

  7. Navaneetha said :

    5 or 6 pounds

  8. wilay fan said :

    quite a bit acutally. and let me say many people prefer mini pigs in a blanket in that zesty sauce on toothpicks than the slaughtered sea population.

  9. mtngigi said :

    Most caterers estimate amounts of food based on what else you might be having.

    If you are going to have lots of other food, then figure 4-6 shrimp per person. If not, it could be very expensive feeding 50 people shrimp all day.

    It might be more economical for you to buy the tiny cooked shrimp, and make some sort of a dip with it, mixing it with cream cheese, etc., then serve with assorted crackers and veggies.,161,129176-255197,00.html

    And how are you serving fish? Seems like an odd choice for appetizer-type food.

    If you want fish and shrimp, then perhaps a seafood stew where you can throw everything together in a big pot would be the answer. Could be made ahead of time and reheated.

  10. Dave C said :

    Fish and Shrimp for 50 people… That’s going to be very expensive.

    People drinking all day… can easily go through 1 pound of shrimp per person especially if it’s just boiled shrimp… Same with the fish.

    I’d suggest 50 pounds of fish and 50 pounds (or more) of shrimp. A more realistic number for shrimp is 2 to 3 pounds per person.

    We had a crawfish boil with 15 people, we easily plowed through 25 pounds of crawfish and 10 pounds of shrimp. Fortunately, we had potatoes, corn and sausage to help supplement the meal.

    Edit… 4 or 5 shrimp per person seems unrealistic… but I guess that depends upon the type of party you’re throwing.

    I’m thinking of a boil where people can easily eat 10 to 20 shrimp per person.

  11. Some_Guy_in_Ithaca_NY said :

    Depends in part on what yu are serving with the Shrimp and Fish. For Fish 6 oz per person is pretty good and for shrimp 3-4 oz per person is good if they are already peeled and deveined. Usually 16-20 shrimp per pound are a good size or you can go a little bigger. They say if you use shell on shrimp it will last long since people can’t just gobble them down.

    A really nice display for shrimp cocktail is to cut a watermellon in half and attached cooked shrimp to it using frilly toothpicks. This makes a nice big shrimp “ball”. People don’t need silverware since they have the frilly picks.

    If you buy precooked shrimp you can always thaw as you need them. So I would buy maybe 20 pounds, thaw 15 pounds and hold 5 pounds in reserve.

    1 cup of cocktail sauce should be enough for about 15 shrimp. 1oz Paper nut cups are nice for this.

    Just have LOTS of ice. You want to be able to use any leftovers.

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