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How much sugar is in a cup of apple cider?

I’m talking fresh cider which one finds this time of year. I know it will vary, but I’m just looking for a guideline. I do a lot of creative cooking, and recently substituted Cider for Water in a recipe I was making. It came out great! I decided to try it in some other recipes I’m playing with, but realized if the recipe used sugar already, I should probably adjust the sugar based on the amount of cider I use. Hence, my question.

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3 Responses to “How much sugar is in a cup of apple cider?”

  1. Clare said :

    Apple cider shouldn’t contain any sugar. In the U.S. apple cider refers to the unfermented and unfiltered liquid produced by pressing apples. The apples are picked (apples that have fallen off a tree are never used, they can contain dangerous bacteria and toxins), ground into a pulp, and pressed to yield cider. The cider retains a small amount of apple pulp resulting in an opaque liquid with a rosy brown color resulting from the oxidation (browning) of the apple pulp.

    Apple juice is a translucent golden liquid made from apple cider that has been filtered to remove all traces of apple pulp. (Apple juice that has been watered down, or contains added sugar, must by law, be labeled as an apple drink or an apple juice beverage.)

  2. hilary duff said :

    I guess 3tsp
    best of luck and enjoy

  3. sshorekennels said :

    Clare is not quite right. Cider contains no added sugar but apples do contain fructose. I don’t know how much, I think you will have to experiment when you are cooking. While Clare is right about how apples are ground and pressed to make cider, she is wrong about drops not being used. Apples that fall off the trees are picked up and used for applesauce and cider. I wouldn’t worry about bacteria because most cider in the stores is pasteurized.


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