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How to prepare and cook the 3 day diet foods?

I found the 3 day diet foods recipe, but was wondering if I choose to drink tea, what kind of tea do I have to drink?
As for the vegetables are they suppose to be steamed?
For the toast, what kind of toast does it have to be?
Then for the tuna and other meat, can it be grilled or boiled?
What kind of melon am I suppose to eat?
Lastly, do I need to exercise with this?

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4 Responses to “How to prepare and cook the 3 day diet foods?”

  1. Alas, earwax! said:

    Oh dear lord…don’t go on a diet, just eat healthy food. It doesn’t have to be “health” food and it doesn’t have to cost that much, either, just be creative. If you’re aiming to lose weight, exercise doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Jennifer said:

    I’ve done the 3 day diet.

    You can drink any tea you want, just don’t add milk, cream or sugar.

    The vegetables should be cooked without any butter or oils – steaming is the best, or you can eat them raw if you want.

    It can be any kind of toast – rye, whole wheat, 7 grain are the healthiest instead of white bread.

    Tuna – you can eat canned tuna if you want instead of a tuna fillet that has to be cooked. The frankfurter can be boiled or baked, it doesn’t matter, as long as none of the meat is fried you can cook them any other way you want.

    Canteloupe melon is the best to eat on this diet, but you can have watermelon or honeydew melon if you don’t like canteloupe.

    You should exercise a little – go for a nice walk each day, but it is not necessary – you eat so little food on this diet that you are guaranteed to lose at least a couple of pounds even without exercising.

  3. MSB said:

    It doesn’t matter basically.

    There is no science to back up these diets; there is no special fat-burning formula.

    You lose weight because you eat fewer calories, and no junk food. So as long as you stick to it, it won’t matter how you cook things or what kind of tea you drink. All melons are about the same calories. Just don’t cook things with fats/sauces/cheeses and you’ll be fine.

    As for toast, 100% whole grain is always better than white flour carbs (and most “whole wheat” breads are just full of white flour carbs and high fructose corn syrup so look for 100% whole grain).

    Exercise always will help.

  4. manbe said:

    The control weight is easy. Just do not eat foods containing fat or sugar, too. Although you will have breakfast with meat or flour. What should be the meal most vegetables, it helps a lot. When you exercise like a wizard with a double.
    Try to modify, view, and about a month at least!


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