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How to train dog to use dog house when raining?

My dog is an outside dog and it rains during the winter months. Every time I come home he’s sitting next to his doghouse wet. I don’t know how to train him to use the dog house. Plz don’t give answers about keeping him inside.
Just to clear the air we keep him inside when we’re home, we leave him outside when we’re not home which is about 8 hours.

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9 Responses to “How to train dog to use dog house when raining?”

  1. Very General said :

    Your dog knows how to use the dog house – he just doesn’t want to.

    Do you put his food and water in it? Does he have a dry bed to sleep on?

  2. Brooke, Boxer Fanatic. said :

    Well he obviously wants to live inside because he is waiting by the door, during the winter months and it’s rainy? Please consider letting him live inside.

    Anyways, he probably doesn’t see the dog house as a place of comfort. Feed him in there and give him treats when he goes in so he knows it’s a nice place. He’ll learn that it protects him from the rain, he’s not stupid. Put blankets in there or maybe even a heated bottom to keep him warm during the nights.

    But please, consider letting him live inside. Dogs are pack animals and need to be inside with their pack.

  3. rainbows. ☼♥♪ said :

    LOL hehe thatz funny how you said hes all wet lol ^_^
    but um i would try putting warm stuff in it like a bed or something n some food and water of course. could get pretty cold raining though :{ make it real warm

  4. case. said :

    Try putting a nice cosy bed in there and treats, it might make the dog more keen to go into the dog house.

  5. pisces88 said :

    I don’t suggest putting his food and water in there because that is where he will be expected to be fed. Make sure that his house is big enough for him to turn around and move. If it is just barley big enough.. can you blame him for not using it? Would you want to sleep in your closet with no move to stretch or move? Place him in it, and use positive reinforcement. Pet him and say “good boy” while in there.

    Also remember that if he goes in wet… his dog house is wet. It is uncomfortable to lay in wet places, as well as other animals like to live in there as well, so does mold. Those are things to consider when looking at him soaking wet.

    However… Please realize that keeping your dog outside 24/7 can be considered neglect by some people. I am not saying you are neglecting you dog, but why get one if it is going to be alone, not played with, and just there to be fed and given water? An animal should be like your child, loved, WARM, paid attention to, and a member of the family.

  6. Thea said :

    He has to feel good in the dog house. So start by putting treats in the dog house. If you can fit in it, get in with him cuddle and praise him for being inside. Perhaps try spreading something like peanut butter inside on the walls, something that will force him to spend some time in there getting the treat (i.e. can’t just grab treat and get out). Once he starts feeling safe in it he will begin to use it.

  7. sailia s said :

    but food for him a nice comfy bed and water and show toys but mace sure he still has alot of room and if the next time he stays out side its probably cuz he likes getting wet

  8. di said :

    If you use a blanket or other fabric in the dog house, it is just as wet inside as outside. Put hay in the house. This will wick away the moisture from the dog and insulate as well. It also will help the dog smell better when he comes inside.

  9. Edolove said :

    buy him a canopy


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