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I Want to learn to play guitar, What are the basic stuff i should know?

Well iv never played before and don’t really know much about guitars. I’m planning on playing a simple acoustic, any tips on how to learn, tuning and basic stuff really?

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7 Responses to “I Want to learn to play guitar, What are the basic stuff i should know?”

  1. Cole said :

    learn the notes on each string. you can buy a guitar book to learn or take lessons. The sell electric tuners but be careful not to tighten the string too much or it will break.

  2. £i††£e §þ@zz said :

    there are like “learn to play guitar” books, that i’m sure you can buy online. if you google it, im sure you can find something

  3. DaNcE :) said :

    try and look for a good friend to teach you stuff. For some reason, it seems as if all great guitar players can learn by sound and not know any true notes, but if you can find a teacher or friend it is better than any book. Videos also help, same with youtube. Try to learn lullabys or simple things first..

  4. Mark K said :

    If you ask ten people how to make a cheesecake you may get ten different answers. I play classical guitar. I believe nylon stringed guitars(classical) have a warmer tone, easier on the fingers and have a better tonal balance than typical dreadnaught steel stringed acoustics. As well since all classical guitars are meant for fingers we get to grow out our nails at a slight angle and have the ENTIRE harmonic vocabulary at our disposal. One may look at my post and say this is way above your head but I disagree. Classical Guitar is for purists. Look into Sharon Isbin and Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Google. Guitar salon

  5. :) said :

    This site is pretty cool…

  6. Q.Z. said :

    well for the beginning yeah. Later you’ll need some internet resources and people to help you out with chords, scales, theory, etc.

  7. mixter said :

    What you are going to need to learn are chords, scales, proper guitar technic, and music theory. The best way to do this is to take lessons. The cheapest and IMHO the best way to do this is to take a class at your school, Community College, or adult school. They will show you the basics in technic, and music theory, and lay a foundation they you can build on, with private lessons or on your own. These classes are very cheap, and sometimes even free.
    Get an electronic tuner, it is the easiest and fastest way for a beginner to tune, and will help train your ear.
    If you want to learn on your own, or don’t want to wait until a class starts, get a beginners book at your local music shop. Books by Mel Bay or Hal Leonard are how most guitarists learned before the internet. A great web site for free lessons is Justin Guitar. It has text and video lessons for beginners and beyond.
    When you are ready to start learning songs, another great site is Chordie. Check out the public songbooks, there are lots of them for beginners, so you will probably find a few that match your taste in music.


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