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I want to learn to play guitar…What are the best ways to start?

I had a electric guitar starter pack in the past but ended up selling it to my uncle, for the sake of me being low on cash. I never really got started learning how to play. What can I do or get that is best for a complete newbie to guitar playing?

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9 Responses to “I want to learn to play guitar…What are the best ways to start?”

  1. eazter said :

    by those chord books that show where to put your hands , or get those interactive DVD’s from guitar center, if you need a human enroll in a community college . Good Luck and have FUN

  2. monstermaster52 said :

    Hmm… go to a big toy store, buy a cheap guitar pack. ~100$. Buy lesons.

  3. jare bare said :

    Get yourself an inexpensive acoustic guitar and take some lessons.

  4. Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records said :

    buy Esteben dvds. he is the greatest guitarist of all time.

  5. xtechmods said :

    I’ve been playing guitar for 15yrs and love it! The real thing to playing guitar is committing yourself time to play it. If you really want to learn to play guitar you must realize that the more you practice the better you get. I learned to play the hard way with no books, videos, etc. all I had was the radio to try to match the chords and remember the song as its played!! If I had the stuff they got now I would have enjoyed playing guitar even more!!!

    The starter pack is also a good way to start, but if your goning to sell it again then maybe you should try an instrument thats really hard to get rid of like the drums, plus its better to take your anger out on and you get an added bonus after hitting them!!

    But seriously you need a schedule for playing, it dosen’t need to be hours upon hours! Simply make time to practice, like 1hr a day or everyother day and when you feel like playing longer then an hour then do it!! the more you practice the better you get!

  6. Lionhart said :

    Depending on the size and resources of the city you live in, you might find inexpensive classes offered by your city parks and recreation department. Where I live, they offer both group and private lessons for $50 to $60 per 6-week series (private lesson more expensive, of course).

  7. Love Generator said :
  8. Jim said :

    take at least a year of lessons. you need to commit at least a year or two to become able and comfortable playing. if you don’t it won’t last.

  9. whiteouteyes said :

    Learn all the Major and minor open chords, strumming them is fine at first, then try to switch between different patterns and youll have great dexterity.When I started I found that chords let me here the notes easier then just playing single string notes, so if you listen to a cd and hear a chord you might pick up which one it is faster then what notes he just hit in a riff.

    Mess around with different finger patterns, and make sure you use all of em, a lot of people start and use only two or three, and forget they have a pinky.

    Learn a pentatonic scale or two, cause those scales are used for everything.

    Theres a million places online to get guitar tabs and see other things to do besides hit the string with a pick, so explore and have fun, then try to get a dvd or book or actual lessons, theres a lot of options.

    Oh and make sure you have a tuner.Being in tune helps.


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