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If potatoes ruled the world then should humans go to a different planet?

ok so so my potato told me about some plans him and another potato were talking about and i think we should worry they are taking over the world and i am worried they plan to do it violently

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9 Responses to “If potatoes ruled the world then should humans go to a different planet?”

  1. Awesomeness said:

    I would go to Jupiter

  2. Rawr! said:

    That is worrying. We have mistreated potatoes for such a long time. Mashing, boiling, slicing, frying… they are going to be very cross with us.

  3. apples and pears said:

    NO..though if humans are stupid enogh to think that potatoes can rule over the world then there probably could be a chance! OMG!

  4. Dan said:

    yeah i go to mars .

  5. James said:

    We shall fight back

    Leeeaave no Spud Alive!!!

  6. Jorge said:

    we shouldn’t >:D were gonna turn them to mashed potato and eat them with brown gravy mm mm

  7. Je t'aime said:

    It’s fine, we have peeler’s, we’ll capture them all, peel off there skin and throw them in some boiling water. By the time we’re done we will all be exhausted, but it’ll be fine because we’ll mash up the potatoes and have a nice snack 🙂

  8. zzooti said:

    Told you, did he? Suspect a trap. I knew this would happen; I always feel like I’m being watched, whenever I’m around potatos.

  9. NiTr0_FiSh said:

    Violent? No way! I’ve known a LOT a potatoes, and have never met a violent one yet.
    Salty – yes, some potatoes do get a bit salty – but that isn’t always a bad thing.

    We don’t need to move to a different planet. When potatoes start getting salty – all we need to do is tell tell them a poem. Potatoes love poems. Here are two poems for you:

    One potato, two potato,
    Three potato, four,
    Five potato, six potato,
    Seven potato, more!

    Five fat peas in a pea pod pressed
    One grew, two grew, so did all the rest.
    They grew and grew and did not stop,
    Until one day the pod went POP!


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