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I’m too lazy to chop and shred vegetables every day for salad,?

and i was wondering how many days does it last ithe fridge (without dressing) before it goes bad?

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5 Responses to “I’m too lazy to chop and shred vegetables every day for salad,?”

  1. gg said:

    It doesn’t last long. I would say 2 days max.

    Just buy it cut up at the grocery store salad bar every day, or buy it in the bag in the produce dept at your grocery. Much easier.

  2. ruready4food said:

    It depends on exactly what the vegetable is. It also depends on how you are storing the veggies. Air tight would be your best bet. Keep them all separate of course.

  3. what about it said:

    well if you put the vegetables in a zip lock bag , or in a plastic container they will last for at the most a week . Sometimes putting the m in the freezer makes them last longer , you can thole them out , later when you need them. you can get salad mix in the store with vegetables already in them too. give it try !

  4. jo_jo_baby2004 said:

    it should last at least 3-4 days in fridge but do not mix the vegggies leave them separated until you are ready to use them

  5. jayleneangel said:

    depending on the type of bowl and lid you use to store it in it should be good for a max of 5 days after that toss it and start over…


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