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Is it possible to blend the stuff inside cigars/cigarillos with marijuana?

I think my friend is doing this and it worries me because he has a prior conviction for possesing drugs. Is this process easy?

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7 Responses to “Is it possible to blend the stuff inside cigars/cigarillos with marijuana?”

  1. Kira said:

    well I’m just a kid but i watch cops and this guy got arrested 4 possesion of marijuana and the cop said that sometimes people put marijuana inside cigars

  2. daisybloom47 said:

    lol, i agree i see it on cops all the time…its fairly common

  3. BlackRDS said:

    if you are talking about mixing tobacco with weed you can but there really wouldn’t be any point and if you are talking about stuffing a cigar with weed people do that to make it look like the are smoking normal cigars when it is weed. you can still tell becouse weed/marijuana smells different and its more green looking then tobacco with is more like brown. this process isn’t easy towards you becouse you are worried about your friend and what might happen to him. hope this helps

  4. Mountain Dew rules (Anti-Jonas) said:

    It is possible. You should tell your friend to stop doing that cause he could go to jail for a long time.

  5. James M said:

    It’s obviously for himself. Otherwise he wouldn’t care so much about the process. Guy, you need to stop, or if you haven’t started, avoid marijuana. It reduces sperm count, reduces motor functions, reduces the effectiveness of the nervous reaction of joy and pleasure (meaning sex wont be as exciting) and can lead to lung cancer.

  6. Scott H said:

    Yes, the process is very easy to do. Trying to disquise the
    aroma is the hard part. He needs to stop doings this.
    He will get busted, and hurt himself at the same time.
    Doesn’t look good for him.

  7. Sarah said:

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