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Is it possible to learn to play the guitar by watching YouTube?

Hey is it possible to learn the guitar by watching lessons on YouTube? I might take a few lessons in the future but want to try this option first, if so any good tutorials on YouTube people would recommend

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6 Responses to “Is it possible to learn to play the guitar by watching YouTube?”

  1. Tinpanallycat said :

    Is it possible to learn how to drive a car well enough to pass the test?.. well.. that is the same answer as to your question.. they are BOTH reliant on MUSCLE MEMORY and a knowledge of the BASICS.. they only people who will tell you that you don’t need lessons because you can learn how to play a guitar off of youtube.. CAN’T PLAY THE GUITAR.

  2. Vod Kanockers said :

    if you are fast enough to see what notes they’re hitting, you might be able to, but it’s not that reliable.

  3. Renee said :

    I thought I could learn to sing better watching Youtube videos but it didn’t help me. After I got singing lessons that is when I improved. I am not saying you can’t, that depends on you so give it a try and see what happens. Just type in guitar into Youtube to see which one has the highest rating and start from that one. Alternatively you can go here and get a free guitar lesson and get more information about learning to play the guitar and getting lessons, etc. Best of luck

  4. Aidan M said :

    At the first answer. You don’t need lessons. Jimi hendrix learnt completely by ear. No youtube No lessons, no-one even showed him basic chords. He just listend to music and tryed to play what they played by listening to them. So yes it is possible to learn by doing that. And by the way for the person who said “THEY CAN”T PLAY GUITAR” There is a high chance that many of those people are a lot better than you, so don’t insult them when you don’t know there abilities.

  5. S said :

    I learned the basics from online lessons(not from youtube, though) because I couldn’t afford lessons around a year ago. It is possible. That person telling you people who didn’t take lessons can’t play is wrong. True, most people do better with lessons, but not everyone needs them. After learning the basics I used tabs and now I learn songs by ear or from videos (I play a style called fingerstyle, it’s almost impossible to find tabs for arrangements I like). It’s certainly possible. One of the famous guitarists on youtube, Sungha Jung, learned from videos and by ear when he was only 9. Can he play? Yes. Does he suck? No.

    I would suggest you don’t use youtube lessons, though, because they contradict each other quite often. It’d be better if you could find a website. The only thing is that you’ll probably develop some bad habits, so it’ll be good if you get into lessons in a while.

  6. Kab said :

    There are great players who learned on their own. I think most of them were extremely talented people. For most of us, lessons or classes work the best. For those who absolutely do not want to interact with other live players there are books CDs DVDs and the internet.
    I learned a few things from the internet and Youtube, but when I am serious about it, I go for live help from a good teacher.


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