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Recently received a wedge of brie. How do I prepare and serve this cheese?

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8 Responses to “Recently received a wedge of brie. How do I prepare and serve this cheese?”

  1. Hailee D said:

    cut it in half with a butterknife and put it on a plate, surrounded with crackers or melba toast.

  2. Juleette l said:

    Several ways, just don’t melt it.

    On crackers, on salda or by itself!

  3. robert r said:

    Leave it out 3-8 hours, serve on a platter w/ crackers, toast, and drinks.

  4. craftychrisi said:

    I know of two ways to prepare it:
    1) remove it from the box that it came in
    2) remove the plastic.
    3) you should only be left with the cheese in what looks like a waxy convering
    4) put it on a baking dish
    pop it in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes
    pull off the top layer of the casing and enjoy with hunks of bread

    the other way is to wrap it in puff patry and bake it in the oven
    oh yeah you can also spread jam on it once it’s baked

  5. wolfeblayde said:

    Serve it at room temp so that the inside is nice and soft. Have some cheese knives available for scooping out the center since most people don’t like the rind. Serve with water crackers or other plain crackers that don’t overwhelm the cheese with their own taste. And a glass of good red wine never hurt a thing, either! 🙂

    If you want to get really fancy, make brie en croute — brie in a crust. Take a tube of crescent rolls and wrap as many of them as needed to fit around the wedge, making sure that you have the seams sealed tightly. Bake until the crust is browned, and then let sit for five to ten minutes so that the cheese has time to firm up again.

  6. Kelly S said:

    Very nice. You can also serve it with baked apples over the top and with drizzles of caramel as dessert. Provide croissants or another buttery bread to go with it.

  7. eeeeeeeeclipse said:

    Leave it a room temp for an hour or so, server with crackers

  8. goneblonde said:

    I go for the Baked Brie with french bread.
    Take a wedge and put it on a glass oven safe plate or pie dish. To the side of it put julian slices of red bell pepper
    Bake it in the oven on 300 for about 6 to 8 minutes .. just enough to soften it and get the top a little brown by flipping on the broiler for maybe a minute or two as you watch it.
    Pull it out and surround it with chunks of the freshest soft french bread you can find. Serve it hot on the bread with the red bell pepper! Also.. put a couple of small spreading knives along with it!


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