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Vegetarians and vegans: what is the WORST thing that you do to your health, the animals, and the environment?

Smoke a pack of cigarettes a day? Set out rodent traps in your home? Drive a less fuel efficient car than you could? Buy and wear clothes produced in a sweatshop?

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8 Responses to “Vegetarians and vegans: what is the WORST thing that you do to your health, the animals, and the environment?”

  1. JodyIsANinja. said:

    Me personally? I dont get enough sleep, and get very overly stressed.

  2. Brad G said:

    Driving a Hummer through a field of innocent kittens while shooting heroin?

  3. Sooo Many Questions! said:

    The worst thing I do to my body – drinking alcohol is by far the worst thing I do to my body!

    The worst thing I do to animals – I have my adopted cat shaved by the vet as he won’t let me brush him. Then I make him wear a doggie jumper to keep warm, and make him look like an a-hole in fornt of the other cats.

    The worst thing I do to the environment – catch a train to work instead of cycling 20 miles.

    I’m a terrible person 🙂

  4. Hannibal The Cannibal said:

    Driving, though I moved closer to my university so I don’t need to commute, and I quit my job (it was 2 cities away) to cut out that drive as well. Now the only thing I need it for is driving to the doctor’s and grocery stores. There’s a bus stop right outside, so I’m going to check into the route to see if I can get a ride to either place…no reason to drive when I don’t have to!

  5. Jen said:

    The worst thing I do is have a 50+ mile commute four days a week. My car isn’t the most fuel efficient (25-30 MPG). However, I tried to get all my classes in as few of days I could. Tried for three but I needed a lab. 🙁

    Could be worse though–it could be 50+ miles each way. It’s 25ish there, 25ish back.

  6. Karina said:

    Not to sound conceited, but I really don’t do anything that bad – or at least can’t think of anything at the moment. I haven’t smoked in almost 2 years; I stopped drinking when I went vegan, because my body would literally reject toxins; I would never set rodent traps (especially since I don’t have rodents at home); I don’t drive, but I do take the train 3 days a week and a bus as well on one of those days. But some of my clothes probably do come from sweatshops. Besides that I think the worst thing I do, is not always recycling. I try to recycle as often as possible, but I don’t always have recycle bins nearby when I really need to throw something out.

  7. Vegan Girl said:

    I smoke off and on. I also had anorexia. I don’t think it gets much more unhealthy than that. I probably do drive a less fuel efficient car. It is a Kia so I doubt much was invested in fuel efficiency. I work at Kmart, and they sell leather. (Most of it isn’t real, but some is.) And I work in layaway, so I have to put it in layaway for people. As for clothes, I don’t really know where mine were produced. I just buy animal free ones.

  8. Prodigy556 said:

    That is a hard questions, as I try very hard to at least bring down my negative impact in most things I do.

    If I had to choose I would say my car. I sometimes take a drive for fun, or go to a further store b/c it has something better. It is an economy sized car, so I did reduce my impact in that way. It is fairly gas efficient.

    My clothing may be next on the list, as I do not have all sweatshop free clothing. However, the clothes that are from supposed sweatshops are all thrift clothes. I don’t buy many new clothes, as I feel as it is wasteful. The majority of my clothing come from a nice thrift shop near my home.

    The worst thing health wise? Not sure about that. I try and remain healthy. I suppose I could eat more organic food, or locally grown food(but I do live in a colder climate during the winter). In the summer I buy from farmers markets, but they disappear at the end of Nov. I don’t smoke, or even drink, I do sometimes consume artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, and other fake sugar. I am working to reduce it in my diet, but it is not out completely yet.


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