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What food service occupations are there where jewelry of any kind is considered a safety issue?

I was just reading that in a different section. And am curious because I have worked in several kitchens in the past where all the engaged/married women wore wedding rings. And I have never heard of them being a safety risk. Even at the food handler’s safety classes that the health dept has, they don’t mention that being a risk of any kind, which they would be required to do so if it was.

The only time I have ever heard of anything related being a safety issue where food is concerned is when I worked at a summer camp one year. There was one boy who felt prejudiced because he was not allowed to wear nail polish while the girls in the kitchen were. He was told the reason he wasn’t allowed to was because it might chip off into the food, even though there would have been the same risk from the girls but none were given any warnings about it, and plastic gloves were worn at all times.
By safety issue, I meant that you could injure yourself on the job by wearing it. For example, a person using heavy machinery could get it caught and lose their finger or their entire arm. My question is what in the food industry is the equivalent of that? Since I noticed many people in another post saying that food service was equally dangerous if you wear a ring on the job, but never mentioned why.

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3 Responses to “What food service occupations are there where jewelry of any kind is considered a safety issue?”

  1. Jennifer said :

    I used to work at KFC when I was a teenager and if only I could find the handbook because I remember reading in there that we’re not supposed to wear jewelry. Of course, it’s one of those dumb rules that no one really follows. Kinda like those dumb laws that were made a long time ago. I think part of the reason why is because jewelry can spread germs and when you’re preparing food, it could be possible to spread germs from your rings to the food, but that’s a long shot. And I guess there’s also the possibility that your jewelry could accidently come off into the food but that’s a longshot too. It’s just one of those dumb rules.

    And since you mention wearing gloves….I’ve noticed that in places like McDonalds and Burger King, the people aren’t wearing gloves when they’re in the kitchen putting together burgers. It really bothers me too.


  2. kate said :

    Food and jewelry does not go together, it either has to be covered with gloves or a band aid otherwise it is a health issue, how would you like biting on a hunk of metal

  3. Beth said :

    I work in a bakery-deli and the rule is no jewelry except for wedding rings. Someone lost the back of a earring in something so the rule was made.


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