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What is a good recipe for this situation?

So i just recently started this cleanse program and it requires me to only eat Vegan i can not eat any sugar and i can only have Ezekiel Bread which i believe is made from sprouted grain or something like that. Does anyone have any recipes that are good. I can’t stand to have another bland salad!!

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One Response to “What is a good recipe for this situation?”

  1. healthnutritiontips said:

    Hello my friend,
    check any of my recipes – they all are vegan ( with the exception of some high-protein recipes which are vegetarian) and very easy to put together (see in the source section, or go to and click on Healthy Food recipes)
    I recommend that you start blending smoothies, especially green smoothies, they are an integral part of the cleanse diet (Click on Smoothie recipes).
    Just make sure you check the guidelines of your diet, because some smoothies include fruit, which contain naturally occuring fructose, some cleanse diets do not allow any form of sugar, and I am not sure about yours.

    Here are some books with tasty recipes for your situation:
    Dr. Young, PH balance for weight loss
    G.Cousens Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine


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